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Ecotainer™ Hot Cups
The Ecotainer™ hot cup is part of a revolutionary new line of foodservice packaging that provides a more environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional disposables. Sourced from fully renewable resources, these cups use a corn-based plastic as a moisture barrier, rather than petro-chemical. This new Poly Lactic Acid (PLA)-based coating makes the cup compostable in municipal and commercial composting facilities. Combined with a smaller manufacturing energy requirement, the Ecotainer™ hot cup reduces environmental impact while providing all the functionality of a standard cup. Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute.
SMRE-4 4 oz. hot cup. 1000/50/ctn
SMME-10 10 oz. hot cup. 1000/50/ctn
SMRE-12 12 oz. hot cup. 1000/50/ctn
SMRE-16 16 oz. hot cup. 1000/50/ctn
SMRE-20 20 oz. hot cup. 500/25/ctn
RCDK-20 Sleeves for 10, 12, 16, 20 ounce cups. 100% recycled fiber, 12/100/ctn
Greenware™ Cold Cups
An innovative line of disposable drink cups. 100% compostable. Crystal clear, slanted rib design. 7 cup sizes with lids to match. Printable up to 5 colors. Smooth rolled rim. Stylish design gives an upscale look. Comfortable drinking surface and perfect lid fit. Made from NaturalWorks™ Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a resin derived entirely from natural corn materials. PLA is 100% renewable through annual corn harvests and fully compostable in municipal and industrial facilities.
GC7 7 oz. clear cup
GC90 9 oz. clear old fashioned cup
GC10 10 oz. clear cup
GC12S 12/14 oz. clear cup
GC16S 16/18 oz. clear cup
GC20 20 oz. clear cup
GC40 24 oz. clear cup

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